Payroll Services

Payroll Services

The processing of payroll in a timely and accurate manner is critical for business success; this is why Kerr Koncepts Inc. has designed its business and payroll services to increase your productivity, avoid expensive compliance issues and manage timely tax filings. Koncepts provides high quality payroll accounting support at significant cost savings and will maintain your salary, benefits, and tax information as a part of its payroll accounting services. From the simplest payrolls to the most complex, our platforms are customized to meet each client’s individual needs. Kerr Koncepts Inc. will:

    • Compute salaries and wages
    • Compute all Federal and State payroll tax withholdings
    • Administer employer-paid benefits
    • File all Federal and State payroll taxes
    • Eliminate the hassles of year-end W-2s and 1099s
    • Provide employees with 24/7 access to review current and previous paycheck stubs and W-2’s
    • Provide a payroll management system
    • Allow employer access to full employee files and salary history
    • Allow Add-on products:
      • 401(k)
      • Insurance and workers’ compensation

You will be impressed by how smoothly everything runs when your payroll, tax filing and reporting needs are handled by Kerr Koncepts Inc. Client service is our main focus and our goal is to be an extension of your operations. We assign a professional and courteous Payroll Specialist to work with you, to understand the intricate details of your business and to be available for any questions you may have. Each payroll period you can phone, fax, email or use your PC to submit your payroll information to us. And we’ll take it from there. We process your payroll; emailing reports to you immediately upon processing; handle the transfer of funds for direct deposit; calculating, file and reconcile your payroll taxes.

Miami Payroll Services

Reliable Payroll Process

Have you been spending too much time doing payroll? Did you know that with hassle-free Payroll Services you are able to save your time and money? All you would have to do is transfer all the employee’s information such as the hours the employees worked and the variances. These Payroll Services offers different services such as the tracking of vacation time, retirement plans, tax payments, tax compliances, handling direct deposit for the employees. These are just a few of the payroll services that are offered to you to make your life easier!

Why You Should Trust a Professional for Payroll Services:

Your tax payments will always be on schedule, this is one less thing you will have to worry about
Submit your payroll information each pay period and Payroll Services will take care of the rest!
Your payroll will be processed, and you will be emailed the reports immediately upon processing!
We handle the transfer of funds for direct deposit, calculating and filing your payroll taxes
You will be free from hassles such as end-of-year W2s and 1099s
Your employees will be able to view previous paychecks stubs and W2s

These are just few of many reasons as to why you should choose hassle-free payroll services in Miami! Take your mind out of payroll issues and be able to focus on what you were intended to focus on. Your company and your work is what really matters, you are trying to grow and distractions such as payroll will not help you advance. Trust Payroll Services to increase your productivity and manage tax filings!

By choosing Payroll Services you will be able to focus in growing as a company, avoiding payroll issues, and handling all the processed data!

At Kerr Koncepts Inc. we offer a variety of accounting and tax needs while offering our customers a strategic approach to achieving their business objectives. For further information about our services Call today at (305) 387 – 5880 or click here to make an appointment.