Are You a Student? Here’s How We Can Help You File Your Taxes.

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Students Filing Taxes

Are you a working college student? Have you filed for taxes in the past? Do you want to find out ways to maximize your tax refund money? Trust Kerr Koncepts to help Students Filing Taxes! There are important documents that you need save in order to file for taxes, receipts, scholarship information papers, taxes you’ve paid before, etc. To avoid overpaying for taxes, maximizing tax deductions, reduce the amount of income that is taxes and other benefits, you need to make sure that you’re getting all the tips needed from a professional. Filing taxes as a student can be overwhelming which is why you should seek assistance from Kerr Koncepts!

Do you work for someone, or are you self-employed? Keep in mind that as long as you’re receiving income you still have to file for taxes. However, if your income is lower than $5000 then there is no need to file for taxes but you still can. Keep your documents organized and find out the answer to your tax filing questions by choosing to get assistance from our professionals. As a college student, you probably receive financial aid, scholarships, Pell Grant funds, seek a degree, etc. Making a checklist will help you have a clearer view if you need to fill out a Federal Income Tax form.

Do you live in your parents house? Are you planning on claiming as a dependent or independent student? It is essential to know you’re declaring the correct dependency status; for instance, if you claim as an independent you will get a personal exemption aside from a standard deduction. However, you must keep in mind that unless you’re supporting your parents with 50%, then you’re not able to claim your personal exemption. Contact Kerr Koncepts to provide you with all the information needed to find the answers to these Students Filing Taxes questions.

Do you go attend school in one state and work in another state? You need to understand the rules of dual state taxes, avoid missing out on credit given for paying taxes in two different states. Receiving all the tax refund is beneficial for students to be able to pay off their loans to avoid future bankruptcy, get the necessary money to pay for any classes they need in order to graduate, and much more. Take advantage of the assistance provided by Kerr Koncepts to help Students Filing Taxes save money, time, and to prevent any future stress from filing taxes. Trust Kerr Koncepts to provide you with the information of tax breaks you can get as a working college student.

Students Filing Taxes need to understand the importance of properly filing taxes by becoming knowledgeable with all the tax rules through the help of Kerr Koncepts.

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