What Documents Do You Need to Prepare for Your Taxes?

Checklist for Tax Preparation

Tax Preparations in Miami

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much of a procrastinator do you think you are? Everyone has procrastinated at one point in their life, whether it was in school, chores around the house, responsibilities such as tax preparation, paying bills, etc. When you are doing taxes, you want to get the largest amount of tax deductions and tax refunds as possible. You want to make sure that everything was filed correctly, you didn’t miss out on uploading an important document, and prevent the delaying of your tax refunds. If you are a procrastinator, or if you just always tend to leave everything for the last minute even if you are organized then you will want to consider Tax Preparations in Miami. Obtaining all the proper documents to avoid the IRS from hunting you down because you forgot to enter an important file is essential for saving time and money. At Kerr Koncepts Inc, our professionals are able to assist you in keeping all your documents organized and the checklist done in order for the tax filing and Tax Preparations in Miami go smoothly.

The Documents That you Will Need for you Taxes are the Following:

  • Social Security Card
  • W2 Forms
  • 1099 Form (If you sold a bond, or stocks)
  • 1098 Form supplied by your mortgage lender
  • Interest paid in student loans
  • Medical costs and receipts
  • Child Care expenses
  • Charitable Expenses
  • Vehicle Documents
  • Last year’s tax return

Have you been saving all these important documents in one folder just for your taxes? If you haven’t, then gather all these documents and get them ready before the tax filing season arrives. Call our office for Tax Preparations in Miami, don’t wait until the last minute to get every document a week or days before your tax filing, be stress-free!

At Kerr Koncepts Inc we offer a variety of accounting and tax needs while offering our customers a strategic approach to achieving their business objectives. For further information about our services Call today at (305) 387 – 5880 or  click here to make an appointment.

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