What Is Social Security Identity Theft? Are You at Risk?

Stolen Social Security | Identity Theft Risks

Did you know that identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the US? In the year of 2014, more than 9.9 billion of Americans were victims of social security identity theft. Social Security theft is when someone uses your social security number to impersonate you to open a credit card account, a new bank account, for employment, get medical care, file for a fraudulent tax refund, social security benefits, and much more. Being a victim of Social Security Identity Theft is very stressful, which is why you need to trust our professionals to help you deal with it. You’re at a higher risk of Social Security Identity Theft if you carry around your SSN card in your wallet. If your wallet gets lost or stolen then whoever finds your SSN card will use it for their own benefit. It’s important that you keep your social security card in your home, away from any other documents to make sure you don’t mix them up and end up losing it.

You’re at Higher Risk of Getting Your Identity Stolen:

  • Throwing away your credit cards, loan applications, or any documents containing important information such as your Social Security card in the trash without shredding them
  • If your mail box is left unlocked and there are letters containing confidential information such as credit card statements, investment reports, etc
  • If there are people fraudulently checking up on your credit report
  • People looking at your bank account PIN
  • People who get your personal information and Security Card Number through the workplace
  • If you put your personal information or SSN online through your mobile phone or computer
  • You use multiple credit cards for multiple transactions
  • You use your debit card more than your credit card
  • Filling in sensitive information online using public wi-fi

Avoid falling under Social Security Identity Theft by being more cautious and keeping your SSN card at home. Trust our professionals to provide you with assistance on how you can prevent being a identity theft victim, as well as gain valuable tips on dealing with SSN theft if it does happen to you in the future.

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