Got Your First Job? Here Is How to Handle Your Taxes!

Got Your First Job? Here Is How to Handle Your Taxes!

Miami Tax Preparation Services

Filing Taxes for your First Job

Have you ever filed taxes? Do you know the right steps to prepare for tax filing? First of all, congratulations on your first job! Whether you or have not filed taxes before, we can provide you with Miami Tax Preparation Services. If you are striving to get the maximum refund possible from tax filing then you’d want assistance from a professional tax consultant. At Kerr Koncepts, our expertise in tax filing allows to help everyone prepare for the stress that comes when filing taxes. It is important to be educated on all the taxes withheld from your paycheck for social security taxes, federal income taxes, state and local income taxes which are all taxes you owe that your employer needs to take out.

Independent Contractor vs Employee 

The process of tax filing can go smooth and stress-free when you trust a professional tax consultant to help you out! Anyone can file taxes on their own but understanding the language gives you an advantage to get the maximum amount of tax deductions and increase your tax refund. Our Miami Tax Preparation Services will assist you in preparing all the necessary documents needed for a successful tax filing on April 15. Having a job means getting paid, which means earning income and having to be responsible to pay taxes. There are two forms you can ask for when having a first job which are either the W2 which belongs to an employee or the 1099 form is for an independent contractor. An employee is basically someone who is assigned to do work by the company, the schedule is already done for them, they are provided with the tools to finish the work, they are trained by a specific company and works for one employer. An independent contractor has the ability to assigned their own schedule, have more than one clients, doesn’t receive employment benefits from employer, works out in his home/office, supplies their own tools, etc.

Let us Help you Find out…

  • If you  need a W2 Form or 1099 Form
  • The amount of student loan interest paid through the Form 1098
  • If you are able to deduct the interest on your student loan
  • Whether you can file for dependent or independent
  • How you will file taxes, electronically or on paper
  • If you qualify for tax deductions
  • The documents you need for tax filing

Filing taxes for the first time alone is not an easy process. Begin preparing beforehand to ensure you are ready to get the maximum tax deductions and refunds you are entitled to. Allow our Miami Tax Preparation Services assist you through the tax filing preparation and process for the year of 2016.

Our professional tax consultants offer Miami Tax Preparation Services that ensure a smooth tax filing process! Call today at (305) 387-5880 or click here to make an appointment.