What Applications Can We Help You With?

What Applications Can We Help You With?

Tax Application Help

Important Tax Forms

Filing Taxes in 2016

Are you ready to file taxes April 15 of 2016? Have you been gathering all your documents and forms needed for filing? Filing taxes can be a simple process or a complicated one depending on your knowledge, organization, and responsibility. A person who obtains the knowledge on tax laws, which are constantly being changed, has an advantage over those who don’t. Paying attention to the changing tax laws will allow you to possibly increase your tax refund. Many people also overpay their taxes because they didn’t obtain the knowledge on which form is the one they should fill out. It’s necessary that you’re paying attention to the form you’re filing for because if you don’t, then it will cost you money and you really want to avoid that situation. With our Tax Application Help from Kerr Koncepts, you’re guaranteed high-quality assistance to guide you through any tax applications you’re not very familiar with.

Who Should File for Taxes?

Anyone who has earned income must file a tax return, even if they’re not required. You’re probably seen taxes taking out money from your paycheck, maybe more than you think. Filing taxes when earning income is a wise decision to make to get some of the money back that was deducted from your paycheck. It’s better to file taxes than get in trouble with the IRS for not filing when you should’ve. If you already filed taxes before, you probably know that the most basic form you need when filing is the W2 form. This type of form shows your earned federal income tax withheld, wages, salary and tips. Other information needed about your income when filing taxes are your investment income, social security benefits, property income, scholarships, cancelled debt information, etc.

Frequently Used Tax Forms

When filing taxes some forms may be difficult to understand. If you want to ensure that you’re filing such forms properly then contact our consultants at Kerr Koncepts for Tax Consultation Help. Our assistance will save your time when preparing to file which will allow the IRS to file your tax return quicker. Kerr Koncepts works with all ranges of individual tax returns. The following are frequently downloaded forms used when filing taxes:

  • Form W9 requests for taxpayer ID number and certification
  • Form 941 is the employer’s quarterly federal tax return
  • Form 4506-T requests for transcript of tax return
  • Form 1040 Schedule D, Inst 1040 schedule D is form for capital gains and losses
  • Form W4 is the employee’s withholding certificate

Contact Kerr Koncepts to receive Tax Application Help to ensure you are using the right forms when filing for tax and for greater efficiency to receive your tax refunds quicker. Call today at (305) 387-5880 or click here to make an appointment.